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Tesla’s Latest Acquisition Could Help Its Cars Accelerate Faster – Tech Check

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There’s a lot that one can criticize about Tesla’s (TSLA) history of missed deadlines and promises. However, it’s hard to question the company’s willingness to innovate, both when it comes to hardware technologies and the software that powers its vehicles. The company’s $218 million deal to buy Maxwell Technologies (MXWL) is the latest case in point.

Maxwell has long been a major supplier of ultracapacitors, a type of energy storage device that — while less dense and more expensive than lithium-ion batteries — can receive and deliver huge amounts of power in a short amount of time, while also safely functioning at extreme temperatures and potentially lasting for more than a million charge cycles. Though time will tell which of these customers Maxwell continues supplying post-acquisition, the company’s client list includes General Motors (GM) , Lamborghini, wind turbine makers and Chinese electric bus makers.

Tesla is paying a 55% premium to Maxwell’s Friday close. However, the price is still only equal to less than two times Maxwell’s 2018 revenue consensus, and (thanks to Maxwell’s recent sales pressures) less than what Maxwell traded at a year ago.

As a look at Maxwell’s historical chart shows, ultracapacitors — though now deployed in a number of end markets — have struggled to make good on all of the hype that has surrounded them. Though Elon Musk has said for years that he’s a fan of the technology, Tesla isn’t believed to be using them in its current vehicle lineup.

Still, while it’s quite unlikely that ultracapacitors will (given their density and cost issues) fully replace batteries in Tesla cars anytime soon, they could be a useful complement. As they currently do for other EVs, ultracapacitors could capture power from a Tesla’s regenerative braking system, and then release that power when a vehicle is trying to accelerate. That could both improve acceleration and (by leveling the load that a car’s battery has to handle) improve battery lifetimes.

Ultracapacitors could also be used within Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack energy storage systems to quickly provide a burst of energy when a primary power source goes down, and then quickly recharge when that power source goes back up. With Maxwell only disclosing its acquisition by Tesla through an 8-K filing — I recall fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec doing the same thing when Apple (AAPL) bought it in 2012 — Tesla is staying tight-lipped about its exact plans for Maxwell for now.

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