MPMS Process

Our Pain Management Process

When you arrive to the clinic for your initial visit, you will need-
~picture I.D.
~insurance card
~verification of the current insurance will be necessary
~Diagnostic studies that are relative to the area of your pain with reports if possible. These studies should be on a compact disc.

If you only have films or reports, please notify the office before your appointment, or risk being rescheduled as we prefer to evaluate images using the tools that computer software offer.

**Any insurance co-pays that are due will be paid at this time.

Worker’s Compensation / Auto
If you have been referred for pain and it is related to a work injury or motor vehicle accident it is your responsibility to identify this on the first evaluation. All necessary paperwork and insurance authorizations are your responsibility; any attorney involvement should also be identified so that documentation can be provided to their office.

Any type of paperwork or documentation for disability, restrictions, or work off will require up to 1-2 weeks to complete and will include a fee which will be paid upon completion. In most cases, a meeting will be scheduled with you to assure that the documentation is completed accurately.

If you arrive to this clinic off work or on a restrictions from another physician, they will continue this process until we have had time to review the documentation. No restrictions or time-off will provided on the initial evaluation. Once reviewed we will determine if continuation is warranted or if other studies or evaluations are necessary. We feel that you and your employer benefit by you continuing to work in some capacity, so we will make every attempt to return you to work. If you miss work or require time off during treatment it will be necessary for you to notify the clinic on the day missed. No retroactive missed days will be covered. If you are released from work you will be required to attend weekly pain management sessions to help you receive the care and attention you need to return to work.

Commitment and Experience
We have 25 years of experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of intractable pain. We utilize the most advanced technologies available, and are actively involved with the major manufacturer’s development of new strategies and and techniques in the management of pain. We are currently training, and have trained many of the pain physicians from all over the country, as well as Michigan. We were the first in the State of Michigan to perform many of these techniques.
We make one assumption, that our patients have failed conservative options, are not candidates for surgery, or have had surgery that failed to control their pain. We assume we are their last stop, so we do everything necessary to provide them with hope and management of their intractable pain.

Understanding is Key to Your Success
Your first appointment with Dr. Ferro will begin the pain management treatment process. His focus will be on medical factors contributing to pain issues and identifying your initial course of treatment. Effective pain management requires a multidisciplinary intervention. Dr Ezzo will meet with you to continue the evaluation process and help coordinate other needed treatments that can help increases chances of success.

Throughout your treatment with MPMS, formal evaluations can occur as we conduct regular meetings. These monthly staff meetings are intended to evaluate patient care and progress by reviewing charts, patient history and can be used to evaluate:
~Side effects or drug interaction issues
~Changes in your medical condition
~Less than desirable results from a procedure

If you have a case manager assisting you with your medical treatments they can be invited to attend a staff meeting. Please encourage them to participate.

Starting with Team Approach
Your initial evaluation or consult will be scheduled to include at minimum an evaluation from Dr. Ferro and our pain psychologist, Dr. Ezzo. We will review your diagnostic studies, previous treatments, medication requirements and pyschosocial compromise. This evaluation with both Dr. Ferro and Dr. Ezzo is not an option but a requirement for the comprehensive evaluation of your pain.
Pain is not just about nerves and injury, but also how the body and mind reacts and adjusts to this pain. A pain psychologist can offer a number of treatment options himself, but more importantly he is a critical component in any effective long term program in the management of chronic pain. Developing the necessary skills and strategies to cope and deal with chronic pain can make the difference between success and failure in any pain treatment plan.
Understanding the emotional and psychological components that evolve in chronic pain conditions is critical to the effective treatment of the biology of the condition. Without it there can be no long term success. The end result of this evaluation will be a treatment plan to fit your individual requirements. Based upon this we will develop and initiate treatment.

Everyone is Part of the Team
We have regular multidisciplinary team meetings involving different specialties to discuss your treatment and progress. These meetings will help us insure your positive progress, and can be attended by your managing physicians to provide involvement of the primary doctor in your care. Periodic evaluations with other clinical staff and nursing will also insure your progress and education of the treatment plan. These evaluations will be scheduled to assist in the appropriate use of different treatment options, medication use, and help educate you on the procedures and methods of your care.