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Here’s the debate over whether Fed’s balance-sheet runoff is slowing the economy and stoking volatility

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Signs that the Federal Reserve is willing to slow down, and potentially bring to an early end to the process of shrinking its balance sheet after its January meeting come as investors debate just how much the effort matters to financial markets and the economy.

“The Fed is going to have to deal with the balance sheet’s shrinkage. It’s not like watching paint dry, as Yellen said,” said Thanos Bardas, head of global rates at Neuberger Berman, who estimated every $200 billion that rolled off the balance sheet had an equivalent impact to a quarter percentage-point rate increase.

Skeptics say the central bank’s balance-sheet reduction hasn’t lifted long-term yields as much as feared, minimizing the effect on financial conditions. Moreover, they say shrinking the portfolio in a gradual fashion is one of the more benign ways to tighten policy, compared with raising interest rates.

To Bardas and other critics, however, the central bank’s balance-sheet reductions have already pinched financial conditions, dragging on economic growth and hindering prospects for the stock market’s return to its October highs. Such concerns extend the controversy over the central bank’s use of the balance sheet, which ballooned in the aftermath of the 2007-09 financial crisis, a process known as quantitative easing.

The Fed appeared to acknowledge qualms around its portfolio after the central bank’s policy statement on Wednesday talked up the possibility of tweaking how it shrunk its balance sheet if it presented a problem. Stocks added to their gains after the meeting, with the Dow

DJIA, +1.77%

 , S&P 500

SPX, +1.55%

  and Nasdaq

COMP, +2.20%

  each finishing more than 1.5% higher.

Quantitative tightening

The Fed has long insisted that the gradual and well-telegraphed pace of the balance-sheet runoff, a process termed quantitative tightening, was designed to avoid causing turmoil. The Fed’s $4 trillion portfolio has shrunk at a monthly rate of $50 billion as the central bank declines to reinvest the proceeds from maturing Treasurys and government-sponsored mortgage bonds.

Yet plenty of market participants say the central bank’s “autopilot” stance is more problematic than the Fed portrays, even if the impact on financial conditions is difficult to measure. They argued that it was a key ingredient in the torrid stock-market selloff late last year, noting that a jump in volatility arrived shortly after the pace of the balance-sheet runoff reached its peak. In keeping with the Fed’s long-term plan, the pace of the roll-off accelerated in increments from $10 billion a month in October 2017 to its peak of $50 billion a month last October.

The S&P 500 booked a loss of 9.6% last month, marking its worst December performance since 1931. Since then, the broad-based equity benchmark has rebounded strongly in January, leaving it up more than 5% for the month.

Economists say that as the central bank’s balance sheet shrinks, banks’ excess reserves also…

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