Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1
I’ve had pain clinic treatments before, they never helped me, why should I go see Dr. Ferro?

Response: Dr. Ferro’s pain clinic does different types of procedures and offers options most other clinics do not. His clinic does more spinal cord stimulators and pumps than any other clinic and most hospital based programs in the State of Michigan.

Question 2
I had pain clinic treatments in the past, they didn’t work, so then I had surgery and that didn’t work. Now my surgeon says I need more surgery. Are there other options or do I need to have more surgery?

Response: No, the chances of a second surgery helping are less than the original surgery. You need to see Dr. Ferro’s clinic for other options which can include implants. Did you know that spinal cord stimulators was developed in the mid-sixties to treat failed spine surgery pain.

Question 3
Nothing helps my pain but medications, but when I take enough pain medications to control my pain, I have side effects or just want to sleep all day.

Response: A pain pump, or a spinal infusion pump, can provide better pain control with fewer side effects than any oral medication. The pump delivers pain medication directly to the nervous system, without going into circulation. The pump medication is not circulated to the entire body and brain, so you don’t feel sedated or lightheaded. This system controls pain medication better than oral medications, you should be able to eliminate or significantly reduce your oral medication. Dr. Ferro’s clinic has placed thousands of these pumps, more than any other pain clinic and most hospitals in Michigan.

Question 4
I have a fracture in my spine, the emergency room gave me medications, put me in a brace, and told me it would get better in time. This pain is affecting my ability to work, everything I do hurts. Do I have to live this way?

Response: No, vertebral or spinal fractures can be treated quickly, easily, and on an outpatient basis. Vertebroplasty is an office-based procedure, performed with x-ray and sedation, and requires about 1 hour to perform. In over 90% of the cases, the fracture pain is controlled by the time you go home, the same day. Dr. Ferro’s pain clinic performs this procedure on most areas of the spine.

Question 5
I have terrible back pain, medication does not help, and I can’t do my job. My quality of life is suffering. Do I have to live this way?

Response: No, a simple outpatient procedure called a lumbar rhizotomy can be performed. For some, a rhizotomy can result in multiple years of pain control, improved activity levels, and reduce or eliminate the need for medications. It is a non-surgical option which can usually be performed in the office, and takes about 30-45 minutes. Rhizotomies are a needle-based procedure so there will be no incisions.
A diagnostic facet injection is performed prior to a rhizotomy to predict the extent of success with the rhizotomy.
Facet injections are required by insurances and can also be done as an outpatient procedure. This takes 15-20 minutes while using x-ray and sedation.

Question 6
I have headaches that aren’t helped with medications; they affect my life, family, and ability to work. Do I have other options?

Response: Yes, peripheral nerve stimulators can result in lifelong control of many types of headaches. These systems are placed under the skin over the nerves involved in the headache. Most patients with these systems can eliminate or reduce medications and achieve better pain relief than any medication can provide. Dr. Ferro performed the first peripheral nerve stimulator for the control of occipital headaches in Michigan over 15 years ago, and continues to place more systems than any other clinic in the State of Michigan.

Question 7
My diabetes causes my hands and feet to hurt. Medications don’t help and I’ve been told to just live with it. Do I have any other options?

Response: Yes, spinal cord stimulators can be placed to control the nerves of the hands and feet. They control the pain of these neuropathies better than most medications, and without the side effects. These systems can control lifelong pain control. No pain clinic in Michigan places more of these systems than Dr. Ferro.

Question 8
I had shingles and continue to have pain after the sores went away. I’ve been told that medications are my only option, is there anything else that can be done?

Response: Yes, spinal cord stimulators and peripheral nerve stimulators can be placed over these damaged nerves to control pain better than any medication. Most patients with these systems have pain control all day, everyday, and are intended to provide lifelong relief. No pain clinic in Michigan places more of these systems than Dr. Ferro.

Question 9
I had an injury to my ankle and foot, which required surgery, but I still have pain. I’ve been told my condition is called a sympathetic dystrophy. Do I have any other options besides taking medications?

Response: Yes, spinal cord stimulators can be placed to control the nervous system into the area of pain. These systems can result in pain control, as well as control of symptoms such as blood flow, temperature change, and swelling. Dr. Ferro places more of these systems than any other pain clinic in Michigan.