Commentary by Dr. Ezzo

Why Management?

Treating chronic pain falls into the same category of treating chronic and persistent illnesses like diabetes or hypertension. Today this requires a chronic disease management model. That’s why we are “multidisciplinary pain management” and not “multidisciplinary pain cure”.


Why? There are a number of types of pain depending on what is the underlying cause or pain generator. Even though you may have started with one type of pain or one known problem by the time you come to us you are likely experiencing multiple types of pain signals. Even if you believe that nothing else is going on with your body, just the single problem, you typically recruit other systems, muscles, mental techniques, behaviors, and nerves to compensate for the constant pain. When you come to us, you have reached the point that what you are trying is, in many ways counterproductive and you feel the pain over time will continue to grow. All this means is that there is likely no one single strategy to reduce and keep your pain to a minimum, but now multiple strategies are going to be needed to help reduce your pain significantly.

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